Wicked Inquisition new track “Black Magik Nacht” is a doom metal masterpiece. Plus they have a FREE SHOW coming up!

Metal and marijuana are like milk and cookies. What good is one without the other? And although I’ve had some strange afternoons with a doob and the Slayer discography, it’s the sludgy doom that you really need to take you there.

Wicked Inquisition delivers that right to your front door. Their new song “Black Magik Nacht” is a riffy, groovy rocker. It blazes up with a lop-sided rock riff, rolls into a quick guitar solo, and dabs clean vocals all over the driving verse just before sending you off into the sticky, sludgy chorus.

The nearly six minute song twists and turns, you can get lost in the extensive arrangement and guitar solos around every corner. The Minneapolis quartet plays expertly on this track, with well placed basslines, dramatic drum fills, and well-played, toneful guitar parts.

If you just can’t get enough of this strain of metal, it doesn’t look like you’ll have to wait long. The self-titled debut album is going to drop soon, although the interwebs do not provide a firm date. And if “soon” isn’t soon enough for you, the band has a free show coming up March 13th at The Hexagon in Minneapolis.

I’ll give you a pass on the cover charge on this one then…
…but get out and buy some goddamn merch!!