Who’s ready for the “Lost Boys Album Release Extravaganza”? You are!!! It’s HARDCORE music and it’s LIVE in Kearney.

This Thursday night, you’re going to be at Gillies in Kearney and I’ll tell you why… we all love the metal, but it’s just awesome to have some hardcore hit our streets. That’s right, the Lost Boys are bringing it, packed with the ultimate recipe of songs that clock in around two and a half minutes of pure hardcore sound mixed with punk energy! Fast tempo, headbanging riffs, powerful straight to your face vocals, smashing drum beats, grooving bass lines and high volume amps force fed down your ears.

The Lost Boys are from the streets of Lincoln, Nebraska, but at least one member we know for sure is from the K-town area. This show will be brutal, this show will be fun, this show will be, well… HARDCORE! If you’re a fan of Agnostic Front, Madball, Terror or Hatebreed… you’re gonna be in for a treat. Let’s hope the venue has insurance and the building is bolted together very well, because it’s time for Kearney to rumble.

So what else you have to do on Thursday night… jack sh*t! So shutdown the playstation and turn off the netflix. Delete your plans and get your ass to Gillies and party with the Lost Boys. Be sure to pick up their new album that’s sure to blow your speakers and turn your life around! See you on the bricks and LET’S DO THIS!

Be sure to check out Lost Boys via their Bandcamp page. I recommend the track “Russian Roulette” and like them on the Facebook sense.

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