Whipstriker’s new album “Merciless Artillery” is pretty damn good. Check them out and give it a listen.

First off, Whipstriker’s latest album “Merciless Artillery” is mastered by Joel Grind (Toxic Holocaust) so you know that you’re in for some good riffage. Underground metal band Whipstriker hails from Brazil and their sound is f@#$ing awesome. There is definitely influences on this record from Venom, Motorhead, and Sodom. That’s probably why I’m digging this album so much.

I highly recommend the track, “Mantas’ Black Mass” for it’s ripping guitar solos. You have to love a good solo when it’s done right. “Calm After Destruction” is another great track off the album. The track has that great thrashy tempo that makes you want to clean your house with a battering ram. Give Whipstriker a listen and pick up a digital copy of their album for only $6.66 via their Bandcamp page.