Wet Radio will be releasing their new album, entitled Tread Heavily.

What was your New Year’s Resolution? I can’t help you if it was to lose weight or to become a better person, but if you resolved to rock harder, I’ve got just the thing to keep you going, at least through this weekend.

This Saturday, January 10th, at the Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska, Wet Radio will release their new album, entitled Tread Heavily. The Omaha trio made many trips to Lincoln over the course of 2014 to assemble this fine piece of work with “Metal” Sean “The Wizard” Joyce. And a fine piece of work it is. Heavy riffs, hard grooving rhythms, soaring vocals, all wrapped up in a dark, mysterious, throbbing package.

You can hear one of the tracks from Tread Heavily here.

Rounding out the show will be The Dancing Dead and Lincoln metal favorites A Different Breed. Doors at 8pm show at 9pm, $5 cover. RSVP here.

I had a chat with Wet Radio guitarist Glen Olsen about the album and the upcoming party, check it out!

Damascus Wootz: This has got to be an exciting time for Wet Radio, first record coming out, how long has this record been in the making? When was the first song written?

Glen Olsen: The album has been in the works since April 20, 2013. Sean Joyce (aka The Wizard) contacted us after running sound for us at Knickerbockers. He sent us a quick little recording from that fateful night, and we collectively knew it was destiny that we would work together. “Tennessee” was the first track that we wrote for this record circa the winter of ’11.

DW: Where does the title “Tread Heavily” come from?

GO: Opposed to treading lightly, Tread Heavily encompasses not only the driving force of our off-the-beaten-path style of music, but also the way people should engage the world. Leaving big f*cking imprints in the ground as they attack each day.

DW: From what I can tell, the album cover is a picture of the Wet Radio spirit animal, The Treagle. What are the origins of this mythical beast?

GO: It is indeed The Treagle. The Treagle is an elusive creature whose laser vision knows no bounds. It lives on a steady diet of the spiciest jungle cheese. It is transdimensional, so it’s unknown if there was even a time when The Treagle did not exist. Its infinite powers became known to us while on a musical vision quest. It has subconsciously whispered wisdom to us day or night ever since. The Treagle does not abide by the laws of time or space.

DW: Can its beak be ground into any sort of aphrodisiacal powder?

GO: A man once thought of pursuing the idea. He burst into flames directly thereafter. It is indeed made of the purest aphrodisiac. The power to turn the infertile, into baby-making machines. But, because even speaking of this could be putting us at risk, I will leave you with that.

DW: Wet Radio is based in Omaha. Why did you pick the Bourbon for the CD release show?

GO: We’ve become very familiar with Lincoln throughout the past year and a half. We’ve spent a lot of weekends recording with the wizard, and playing shows at numerous venues in the area. The Bourbon has always been one of our favorite venues to violate. So it just feels so right.

DW: Where does Wet Radio like to eat before shows in Lincoln?

GO: Anywhere that provides a fine cheeseburger. Yia Yia’s is a recent discovery of ours, that has become one of our top places to frequent for their fine beer selection and general pizzaz.

DW: Is there a particular liquor that makes the heavy grooves better than others?

GO: Whisquila. A shot that is equal parts whiskey & tequila.. Served in a warm shot glass. Pour the whiskey in first.

DW: What merch will Wet Radio have to offer at the release party?

GO: We will be putting the D back in CD-ROM with our new album of course. Dave will be giving free high and low fives as you do at these things. Plans for some fashion merch are in the near future.

DW: Can people get the album online?

GO: There are a plethora of websites that will have it. iTunes, CDBaby, and various others. Find us on the Facebook for links. And give us a like while you’re there!

DW: We are familiar with A Different Breed at BadassConcert, but I haven’t heard of the Dancing Dead. How did you get hooked up with them?

GO: Whilst in search of some local flavor to help us celebrate our release, I contacted Diamond Dave of Powers. Unfortunately they were unable to provide their jamzzizles for this particular date, but he recommended the Dancing Dead. He told me they were real top notch so I contacted them. As for ADB, it’s common knowledge they exceed in: 1. Jams and 2. Facial hair.

DW: I know “Metal” Sean Joyce recorded the record, and that he runs sound at the Bourbon. Will he be manning the controls for this show?

GO: Some have said that the Metal Sean is not of this earth. Some have said that he is in fact from a distant time and place. We’re here to set the record straight. He is a wizard. Without the know-how and the infinite patience of the wizard, this album would not be what it is. We learned a little bit about each other, but more importantly we learned a little bit about ourselves. With all that being said, and to answer your question, yes. Sean, the metal-man wizard, will be manning the ship through the stormy sea of sound that will fill the Bourbon on that night.

And now that I think about it, getting your ass off the couch might help you lose some weight, and I’m sure that going to shows makes you a better person, so…

…get out and pay some cover charges f**kers!!