War Machine’s • Top 5 Albums Of 2017

#5 Paradise Lost - Medusa

The 2017 release from Paradise Lost - “Medusa” is absolutely crushing. If you are looking for something low, slow, and raunchy as all hell, this is an album to check out.

#4 Municipal Waste - Slime and Punishment

Party thrash mashers Municipal Waste return in 2017 with “Slime and Punishment”. Full of the fast licks and catchy groove you’ve come to know from the band, “Slime and Punishment” does not disappoint. If you’re looking for some good time tunes to roundhouse your best friend in the face, this will do the trick.

#3 Code Orange - Forever

The 2017 release from Code Orange is obnoxiously good. Pumping, driving, angry as F@#$. “Forever” will not disappoint the need to inject heavy into your brain. If you have some shit you need to work out, give this record a listen.

#2 Scour - Red EP

The 2017 Scour EP “Red” is f@#$ing incredible. Featuring Phillip H. Anselmo himself on vocals, showcasing his talents in the Black Metal genre. Haunting, fast, brutalizing... I nearly lost my mind the first time I heard it. A must-have for your “dark side”. If it were longer than 15 minutes, it would be my number 1 album of the year.

#1 Tombs - The Grand Annihilation

I almost don’t want to do a write up on this album. There is nothing I can put into words to do this album justice. “The Grand Annihilation” is absolute mastery. The New York City based band sounds heavily influenced by the doom and goth genres of many of Europe's heavy hitters, or to me, they sound like a mash-up of Triptykon and Cradle of Filth without Dani’s shit vocals, along with some Entombed and Bloodbath mixed in.