Tripp’s • Top 5 Albums 2014

Editors Note: This top 5 of 2014 albums list is from Tripp Stevens. Uncle Tripp, as he is fondly referred to here at BAC, is a cornerstone of the Nebraska metal scene. He plays bass in TenDead and The Blood of War, and is the mastermind behind Clenched Fist Productions, promoter of many great metal shows, and perhaps most notably, StormFest. Keep tabs on Uncle Tripp here:

1. Machine Head • Bloodstone and Diamonds

I love this album. From the writing to the recording. Everything about this album kicks my balls. I think the new lineup helped create some new life in the band. Low tunings and Robb’s vocals are f*cking killin’ it. Dave’s drumming is amazing on here. I’ll even give the new guy props. Hey new guy, very-not-bad bass playing. Hopefully if there is more from M.H. in the future, they stick to more of this format.

2. Crowbar • Symmetry In Black

This would have been my #1 album until the new M.H. came out. The riff master does it again, what more can I say? You can’t beat Kirk and the Randall ​ways, feel the subject matter with Crowbar! The tones on the album are just crushing and powerful.

3. Behemoth • The Satanist

Brutal, honest, amazing. A band truly not afraid to be what they want to be and do what they want to do. Just listen to the damn thing!

4. Triptykon • Melana Chasmata

Love this album. I was a huge fan of Celtic Frost, so this album was nice to hear from the old man again. Doomy as f*ck, dark, dark subject matter. Crushing tones and just an evil sounding, brutally deep record.

5. Mastodon • Once More ‘Round the Sun

There is not much really to say, just another amazing record from Mastodon. They could s*it on a piece of paper and I would still buy it.

– TenDead
– Blood Of War
– Clenched Fist Productions