By The Thousands are currently in the studio

     It has been awhile since we’ve heard any news from these guys, but it’s ok because the following news is pretty damn exciting. By The Thousands will be releasing their brand new self titled EP on March 9th, 2014. The band is currently in the studio recording vocals. Check out the video to hear how the EP is coming along. The music sounds powerful and f**king jams! I’d also like to take this time to point out how annoying the sound is of a metronome can be, but just how artists use life as reference, musicians use metronomes to keep the beat. The album has their logo’s icon surrounded by what appears to be moons and a giant hand. I would assume some acid was used for this inspiration. Enough talky-talky, check out the video, like the band, follow the band and stay tuned to their facebook for EP release show information.

P.S. If you visit the videos page you can see a video of the band performing some of their instrumental work.