Thirsty? Why not “Murder Your Thirst” with Liquid Death Mountain Water.

Before you ask, why the heck is this website writing about bottled water? Trust me, you’ll understand in a minute… There is a new bottled water in town and it is not bottled! It comes in a tall-boy aluminum can and is branded “Liquid Death”. Available in Mountain Water and Sparkling Water… and it’s about as METAL as it gets, lol!

I didn’t take it seriously, but the marketing is great! Their videos and ads are hilarious. What a great slogan, “Murder Your Thirst”… I about pissed myself laughing… I was like, “Are you serious?” It appears these boys are not messing around.

Of course in today’s world, folks take to the mighty internet’s social media websites and start bitching about nothing. It’s pretty obvious to me that it’s a joke, but to some… watch out, lol. When people gripe and complain, Liquid Death joined forces with metal musicians to write some tasty riffs… and it’s pretty good.

Tracks to check out: “Selling Your Soul Is Deplorable”, “Go Out Of Business”, and “This Crap Is Pure Evil”. After a listen or two, you’ll be on the floor laughing you butt off. Give it a listen on Spotify and don’t take it too serious… have fun!