Things Get Funky and Weird at The Otherside with Two-Man Voodoo Mayhem Band, Peculiar Pretzelmen

Lead singer, Kevin Incroyable, and Grammy award-winning drummer, Deacon Marrquin may have first crossed paths in Las Angeles, but the sound of their two-man band, Peculiar Pretzelmen, is much more whiskey soaked blues than west coast surf rock. The Otherside, a local favorite music venue in Kearney, Nebraska, did not sleep on the opportunity to bring the duo to town for a hell-raising, barn-burning, dirty-jazz freakout. On October 21st and 22nd, the Peculiar Pretzelmen shared the stage with WhiskeyDick, El Jefe, Pentagram Stringband, Smokestack Relics, The Darts, and John Poland’s Weylian Gaze in a two-night event that some are calling “Mini-Pondstock”.

This impressive lineup of artists created an energy that was oh, so juicy.  

The Peculiar Pretzelmen’s overall sound and aesthetic is murky and hard to define, similar to Amigo the Devil and Captain Beefheart. Dressed in maroon tuxedos complete with black lapels, the peculiar pair look like they just stepped out of an old-timey steampunk jazz lounge.

And if an old-timey steampunk jazz lounge is not already a thing, then it should be.

Equipped with a talk box and steampunk gas mask, Incroyable manages to deliver notes of blues, jazz, folk, rag, and rock, all in one raspy voice that is reminiscent of Tom Waits. Showing off his creative artistry, Marrquin’s drum kit includes an antique bicycle wheel. The Peculiar Pretzelmen are shrouded in mystery. They are funky and weird. They are rootsy and avant-garde.

This spooky season is the perfect time to add a little southern goth and grime to your playlist. Be sure to check out their newest album, One Day Even All of Your Enemies Will Die on all major music streaming platforms.

Special thanks goes out to Vic “The Man” Giron for putting this gig all together. Vic is the mastermind organizer behind Pondstock, be sure to check it out.

Follow Peculiar Pretzelmen on Bandcamp, here is the link.