The Stormfest Files 2015: The Blood Of War

This is part six of our series on Stormfest. Read parts one, two, three, four and five if you haven’t already. Get your tickets and RSVP to Stormfest here.

The wintertime is a great opportunity to stay inside and get some recording done. My news feed is full of studio pictures and videos, and occasionally we get to hear a new song!

Today is one of those days. Brutal metal outfit, The Blood of War, from Norfolk, Nebraska, has released a new demo track called “Darken the Sky.” You can listen and download it here. Give these guys a like while you’re there!

Darken the Sky begins with a pounding, rhythmic riff that makes good use of stops to increase the intensity. If you are at all familiar with The Blood of War you know what to expect: crushing, straightforward riffs, with low, powerfully growled vocals over the top. The chorus of this track sounds like a massive rockslide funneled through a distortion pedal. I like how the band uses the back-and-forth screamed vocals during the chorus. It’s a unique effect, and a TBOW signature move.

The breakdown takes the brutality to a different level. The insanely low-tuned guitars are crunchy and a perfect complement to this flavor of metal. The sound quality is a little rough, but it says demo right on it, dummy!

According to TBOW bassist and all-around good guy, Tripp Stevens, there are no concrete plans for a full album at this time.

If this is the kind of intensity that gets your blood (of war?) flowing, make sure you get your ass to Stormfest! Stormfest will be the band’s next show. TBOW is on at 9:15, right before DeadEchoes. But you’re going to be there all day, so what the f*ck do you care what band goes on when? Right?

Enough already!!
Get out and pay some cover charges!