The Stormfest Files 2015: Primal Waters

This is Part Five of The Stormfest Files: 2015. Check out parts, one, two, three, and four if you haven’t already. Stormfest RSVP Facebook event here.

The lineup of Stormfest changes every year. But there are some people who keep coming back each time this great local festival happens. Dan Schoenberg is one of those people. In 2012 and 2013 on bass with Faith Buried in Flames, and in 2014 on guitar with Primal Waters.

Primal Waters, Dan’s current band, is working on a new album. It will be a follow-up to their debut, Dichotomy, which came out in 2014. I spoke with Dan a little about the new record and about Stormfest 2015. Read up!!

Damascus Wootz: Dan, you’ve played on every Stormfest, twice with Faith Buried in Flames, and 2015 will be the second time with Primal Waters. What changes have you seen in the festival?

Dan Schoenberg: Well, I would have to say that the biggest changes have been in the organization of it and attendance. I think the previous years of Stormfest and all the other shows Uncle Tripp puts on have seasoned him well in organizing a huge event such as Stormfest. The first year it didn’t seem like many people other than Tripp knew what had to happen. Everyone was drunk too, so that added a level of dysfunction, and now it seems more like a well oiled machine. And every year more people show up and everyone has a great time!

DW: I’ve seen that Primal Waters is working on a new album, how far along is it?

DS: We have been working on a new album. We never really stopped writing since Dichotomy because Chris and I are always coming up with new ideas. But, as for the question, it is pretty far along for the music aspect. We have another song and some solos to finish up, then we will be recording in the next few weeks. The plan is to really put the hammers down and pump this out so we can have release shows in June.

DW: The first PW album, Dichotomy, tells a story. Is the record you are working on now also a concept album?

DS: It is! It’s actually a continuation of Dichotomy. Dichotomy leaves the listener off at a point where the hero, Isentroud, is attacked by an unknown enemy and runs off with a heart that Isentroud cut out of his own chest. Why? Because that heart contains an ancient demon’s soul (duh, what else are kick-ass metal albums about?). This album picks up right there. That’s all I’m going to say about the story-line. You’ll have to wait to find out what happens. But, I will say that this new record is a little more menacing and there will be yet another installment after this.

DW: You guys just played with one of Stormfest’s headliners, KingShifter, how was the show?

DS: That show was pretty awesome. Our buds in Wet Radio played a great set, as usual. Exit Sanity rocked some faces and Kingshifter closed off the night with some good ol’ groovin’ riffs. And, of course, the crowd was great! I think we all made some new fans.

DW: For someone who hasn’t been to Stormfest, what are the best reasons to head out to The Hideout on April 11th?

DS: Number one is because it’s an awesome time, it’s so damn fun. I know I’ll be walking around with a smile from ear to ear. All the other reasons are on the flier. This year there are 13(!) bands and they are all great local talent. A lot of people think that there isn’t much for music, or anything really, in a local scene. That just isn’t true, and Stormfest proves it. It takes a lot of work to keep up with the local bands and getting to know people, but it is totally worthwhile. If you go to a local show and don’t have fun, it’s because you are being a bitch and making yourself have a bad time. You can meet a ton of great people and listen to some great bands locally and Stormfest is THE best place to start. Now that I said all that, I’ll end with this tip: bring earplugs.

You know that your earplugs won’t wax themselves, right??

…get out and pay some cover charges!