The Stormfest 2015 Files: Slantpiece

This is part seven in our ongoing series about Stormfest. Check the links below for the other parts, and get educated about what you are getting into on April 11th at the Hideout.

Kearney party-metallers, Slantpiece, are planning for a big month in April. They recently recorded their sophomore album Second Wind, and now have plans to release it in their hometown the night before Stormfest! Check out the band’s facebook for more details. Read the review of Second Wind here. It’s probably pretty hard to tell from the review, but I liked the record a little bit…and I can’t wait to get my hands on a physical copy!

We’re doing something different for our Stormfest File on Slantpiece. We’ve had so much text coverage on them lately, we decided to switch it up. I spoke with guitarist/vocalist Derek Johnson about putting a video together, and he was so kind as to make this up for the Slantpiece edition of The Stormfest Files: 2015.

Watch the video, but after that…get out and pay some cover charges!