The one death metal song that should be on every metal head’s party playlist.

Question: What’s a party without music?
Answer: A really lame party.

That’s right people, every party needs music… but, we all know darn well the best parties have loud death metal music cranked up in the background so nobody can hear a damn thing.

Next time you’re at a party, sneak on over to the playlist and add a classic track titled, “Cryptic Realms” from an awesome band called Massacre. Trust me, everyone will start banging their heads and having a grand ole time. This song will impress your grandma with it’s wholesome and deep death metal tones that are just down right classic. This is just how death metal is supposed to sound, I mean it’s just old school fun.

Grab a cool beverage, turn the volume up to ten, and journey down to the abyss.