The teasers are true! Metallica’s 2018 arena tour is stopping in Lincoln, Nebraska! That’s right… Lincoln, Nebraska.

Metallica is coming to Lincoln, Nebraska. Finally, after thirty some f@#$ing years, Metallica is coming to Lincoln, Nebraska!!! I had to say that twice just so it would stick. Metallica will be heading out on their 2018 arena tour and will be stopping in Lincoln, Nebraska, at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. I give it less than 24 hours and the tickets will be sold out.

I’ve had a few buddies tell me that the tickets will not even go on sale to the public! Why do you ask? That’s because, by the time the “Metallica Fan Club” members get the first crack at the pre-sale tickets, they will sell out instantly. That’s just unbelievable. However, deep down you know why… like them or not, you’re still a Metallica fan… you’re still going to buy a ticket! It’s really that simple. Some of their albums have been overplayed to death. However, those four earliest albums and of course their latest album… are all excellent records.

Do you ever wonder if Metallica would have kicked even more ass if Dave Mustaine would have been there for the entire ride? Speaking of ride, if you check the credits on that album, Mustaine’s name is listed on the track “Ride The Lightning“… makes you wonder. Megadeth is pretty f@#$ing amazing!

Moving on, when I was a kid in the 80s we would run the streets with our portable tape players jamming Metallica. Everybody loved Metallica. I remember taking a bottle of my step-mother’s hairspray at the time and writing “METALLICA” on my bedroom wall, afterward I lit the wall on fire and “METALLICA” was permanently burned into that wall. Luckily, we never got in trouble.

Hopefully… if you really, really, want to go, you’ll be able to score a floor ticket on the cheap and really see the show. If the tickets all sell out, remember to check the Facebook marketplace and Craigslist for someone selling their tickets. With that said, I leave you with Metallica’s live video of “Spit Out The Bone” to get you into the spirit.

UPDATE: Metallica will be playing the Pinnacle Bank Arena on September 6th, 2018. The show starts at 7:00 pm. Here is more info via 104-1 The Blaze. Each stop on their arena tour will feature a pre-show party hosted by the band’s friend, comedian Jim Breuer.

NOTE: I was informed that Metallica have played Omaha, Nebraska, in 2008, 2004, 1991, 1989, and 1986. You can find any past Metallica show on their website.