Surveying The Damned “The Pattern” Listen & Interview

     When you think Nebraska Metal, you may be inclined to think about bands from just the eastern third of the state. And when you think Nebraska Metal bands, you probably don’t think about girls being in them. Surveying The Damned is here to change that.

I recently sat down and chatted with the band about their history and their upcoming release, an EP entitled “The Pattern.” You can hear the title track (via Bandcamp widget) at the bottom of this article. The song is a mid-­tempo headbanger that reminds me a lot of Hatebreed. It sounds great, courtesy of Metal Sean at Dream Pro Recording.

DW: Why don’t we start off with each of your names and your role in the band?

STD: Larry-­guitar John-­vocals Jen-­bass and Jimmy, our drummer will be here in a minute.

DW: Cool, it’s good to know who I am talking to…let’s talk a little about how the band got started…did you guys play in other bands before Surveying The Damned?

STD: Yeah, John and I (Larry) have been playing together for years in Temperwall and Sins of the Father. I also played for awhile in Dollarhyde and the Pessimist Chronicles. John played with Sinking previously. Jimmy came from the punk and hardcore scene with Plan B Rejects, Youth In Asia and Fetus Assclit Abortion. This is Jen’s first band.

DW: There aren’t a whole lot of girls playing in metal bands, what got you interested Jen?

STD: I’ve always had a passion for music and when John and Larry got together with James, I just decided I’d give it a shot, and I fell in love with the bass.

DW: Had you ever played an instrument before?


DW: Thats awesome! It’s good to have girls in metal bands, that way there is at least one at the show…hahaha! Anyways, looking at your facebook, it seems like there was a long time between when Surveying The Damned got started and your first show, what were you doing then?

STD: We spent a long time writing and trying to solidify a lineup. We randomly ran into Jimmy at a bar one night. Then we toyed with auditioning 2nd guitar players for awhile before sticking with one. We also drank a lot.

DW: Getting a solid group together can always be a challenge. Let’s talk about the single you guys just released the other day, “The Pattern.” It sounds great, where did you record it?

STD: We recorded with Metal Sean at Dream Pro Studios in Lincoln.

DW: Cool, when did you guys do that?

STD: September.

DW: Lincoln is a long way from North Platte…why did you decide to work with Metal Sean?

STD: Well I (Larry) used to live in Lincoln and my old band used to play with his. So we looked him up when we were in Sins of the Father to do a single. Then we picked him based off the quality of that.

DW: During this session you also recorded some other songs too, correct?

STD: Yeah, we recorded 3 for this release.

DW: You have an EP coming out, what is it called? When are you releasing it?

STD: “The Pattern”, the single, is the title track. The release got pushed back a little due to pressing delays, but it comes out March 8th.

DW: Cool, do you have a release show planned?

STD: Not really. We’re working on some shows around then, but not an official release show. We’re going [with] more of a release party with our friends. A big show seemed a little overkill for an EP.

DW: Thats a cool way to do it too, any last thoughts for the readers?

STD: We’re just thankful to everyone that supports us and all the other bands working their asses off. Not to sound cliche, but get out to shows, buy cd and merch. There’s a ton of great bands out there.

So there you have it. And I don’t mean to sound cliche,
but….. Get out and pay some cover charges f**kers!