The Stormfest Files 2015: Kingshifter

This is part three of our series on Stormfest 2015. Read parts one and two. If you are all like “WTF is StormFest bruh?” Go here. Or here. And then buy a damn ticket!

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Another one of the MANY great things about StormFest is that not only does Clenched Fist Productions bring you the best of our “local” scene, but you get to see some of the top regional and nationally touring metal talent. Exhibit One: Kingshifter.

Hailing from Wichita, KS, this heavy-hitting quartet brings the goddamn thunder. But don’t take my word for it, you can get their album 26 Tons about anywhere, record stores, the internet, or at a show (duh!). If you need a taste first, you can check out their Facebook or Reverbnation pages.

If you just can’t wait to see Kingshifter live, you have a chance before StormFest. Catch them at The Hideout in Omaha on February 12th with Exit Sanity, Wet Radio, and Primal Waters. RSVP here.

I was lucky enough to get a few minutes of Kingshifter guitarist Kink’s time to talk about StormFest, their busy year in 2014, and what they have coming up in 2015. Read!

Damascus Wootz: Kink, first, I would like to thank you guys for doing StormFest again this year. You guys ripped it up in 2014!

Kink: Man I gotta tell ya…We love playing StormFest. It’s really just a lot of fun. Tripp and everybody involved do a great job of organizing the entire event and making sure it all runs smoothly. It’s obviously an all day event, and keeping everything on time and running smooth can be a pain in the ass in situations like StormFest, when dealing with so many bands/fans/etc… But Tripp and his team have been doing this for awhile and they know what they’re doing! We’re just happy to be a part of it all again this year. We’re really looking forward to it!

DW: It looks like 2014 was a busy year for Kingshifter, including two tours with Tantric. How long were you out on each jaunt? What were the farthest places you played?

Kink: Yeah, we did manage to stay pretty busy and we did go out a couple times with Tantric. The first time was in the spring for 3 weeks and it was predominantly the upper midwest, taking us up through Iowa, into Minnesota, Wisconsin for several shows, eventually making our way back south through Missouri, Arkansas, and finally Texas… Then in Aug/Sept we went back out with Tantric for another tour that ran 4-5 weeks, covering pretty much the entire western half of the United States, from Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho to Washington, Oregon, Arizona, etc…We were able to get into a lot of markets that we had not previously been to but have had airplay in. And it’s looking like we are going to be pretty busy on the road this year as well.

DW: Tantric are your label-mates on Pavement Entertainment, how and when did you get hooked up with Pavement? What is your relationship with them like, what do they do to help you out?

Kink: Pavement started hitting us up a couple years ago and we eventually pulled the trigger, signed with Pavement and they released our album, “26 Tons” in Sept. of 2013…The record has done pretty well for a ‘younger’ band like us…slightly under the radar as compared to other bands on the label, like Soil, Tantric and (hed) P.E. obviously…So we’re pretty happy thus far with everything. We are in writing mode now while still looking at quite a bit of touring this spring and summer. We will see how the time frame plays out as far as the next release from us goes. We’re possibly leaning toward the idea of releasing an EP next, but we’ll see. Like I said, it’s still early and we’re just beginning to write. Mark, Tim and everybody at Pavement have been great.

DW: Kingshifter has played on Rocklahoma the past two years, what’s it like to play on a big festival like that?

Kink: Rocklahoma is a damn good time…3-4 days of complete drunken madness. Ha ha…The opportunity to perform in front of several hundreds or thousands of people from all over not only the country, but the world, is incredible. Playing festivals is like touring for 3-4 weeks all packed into one 60 minute performance. You’re reaching the same number of people all at one time, so in that respect, it’s amazing…And the atmosphere and camaraderie with the other bands is killer as well. Speaking of festivals, we have some other things in the works that we aren’t at liberty to announce yet, but we’re very excited about…so stay tuned.

DW: What’s in store for Kingshifter in 2015?

Kink: It’s looking like we are going to be pretty busy on the road this year too, at least between now and September…We just started working with a new booking agent, “121 Agency,” and they’re been working on tours for us as we speak. We actually hit the road here in a couple weeks and will be in Omaha on Feb. 12th, in fact. But as far as new material, we hope to have new music released this year, definitely…COUNT on it!

DW: Kingshifter is known for “Downin’ Booze and Raisin’ Hell.” What’s your favorite shot?

Kink: Man, we never turn down a shot…We’ll drink ‘whatever you’re drinkin’ Ha ha…When it’s cold outside, Fireball always goes down smoothly. But, any kind of whiskey usually gets the job done…Jack Daniels is always good. Personally, I can’t stand Jagermeister but then again, like I said, we never turn down a shot. But you’ll never catch ME at the bar orderin’ a f*ckin’ shot of Jager…Ha ha. Our bass player, ‘Church’ likes Jager though. It’s all good. Beggars can’t be choosers.

DW: Damn straight! I’m excited to see you guys twice this spring in Omaha!

Kink: Thanks for giving us the time of day…It’s much appreciated. If any of your readers still haven’t picked up a copy of “26 Tons”, be sure to go grab a copy today…it’s available in record stores everywhere and online at all retailers,,,, iTunes, etc…And be sure to follow us on social media. All the usual spots, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…We’re there!

February 12th, with Exit Sanity, Wet Radio, and Primal Waters.
April 11th at STORMFEST.

Get out and pay some cover charges f*ckers!!!