StormFest 2015 lineup UPDATE!

Meanwhile, while everybody else is writing about Christmas and none of us have even had turkey dinner yet, we’re gonna write more about 2015’s STORMFEST concert festival. Just got a little tip, and it’s a good tip from Clenched Fist Productions that there is a possibility of a thirteen band lineup. Twelve band lineup for sure. Only three spots remain on this mother!

Headlining from Denver, CO, is Iconocaust, you can check out our last post with video footage of these guys. Pretty killer stuff these dudes write. Plus Kingshifter is coming back again. These guys were excellent last year, so hells yeah… let’s do it again! Moving down the line we have Stormfest new comers When Towers Fall, featuring Derrek Sammons on vocals. You’ve heard his stuff with Dirtfedd and Illusion Of Gaia (Not the video game!). DeadEchoes is BACK! Do you really need more of a reason to go? Deadechoes are pretty much the heaviest band in the state. Speaking of heavy, prepare for a double dose of brutal with The Blood Of War. These guys bring it with no side of bulls*it. Just pure heavy f*cking metal!

We’re about half way done, this is a killer lineup! TenDead from Omaha are going to be there. Have you heard their latest CD titled “Return Of The Ancient”? It’s super heavy and riff-licious. You will enjoy it! Oh sh*t, HIDE THE BEER… it’s Slantpiece, Nebraska’s biggest party hardy heavy metal band around. These dudes can make any atmosphere an instant party. Hell, they are even putting out a new record soon, so come check out some of their new tunes live. New comers from Kearney, NE, are Empires End, featuring Chad Biggs (ex-Ninefall) and Wryan Carpenter (Slantpiece and ex-Transcending Zero), so can’t wait to hear this mix of the minds. So far, so good… right? Then it’s The Clincher. These ladies returned to the stage just awhile back and are in full force. Kinda wonder if they’re working on a new album soon. Anyway it will be great to see them tear it up at The Hideout.

So there you have it. Three more bands for sure, possibly a fourth for a thirteen band lineup. Mark your calendars for April 11th, 2015. Enjoy the holidays. Get fat and eat some turkey here soon and party on.