Slantpiece spills the beans on their new upcoming release titled “Second Wind”!

I can’t hide it, nor do I want to. I am a HUGE Slantpiece fan! Their 2013 release, “Get You Some” lives in my car. So I was watching very intently a couple weeks ago as they announced they would be heading into the studio to record their next record, “Second Wind.”

Singer/guitarist Derek Johnson and I had been trying to line up an interview all week, and it just didn’t work out, but what we have here is even better! Derek was so very kind to write a wrap-up of their time in the studio with producer Michael Beck, who produced and recorded “Get You Some” as well. According to the band, we are looking at having a new Slantpiece record in our hands sometime in early 2015–I for one can’t wait!

Here’s what Mr. Derek Johnson had to say:

We had so much fun in the studio this time! Granted it was hard work and long days, but we had such a more relaxed, comfortable vibe this time. It really made things go smooth. Bill knocked out 7 drum tracks in a day and a half. Guitars were crunchin’, and Carpy’s bass was low and fat. Vocally, I feel like I got a 5 day vocal lesson from Michael. His help was invaluable to me vocally, and really to all of us. He has such a great ear for harmonies, and is so good at communicating with us and pulling stuff out of us we didn’t know possible. We all bounce ideas to each other freely, and it really helps with the creative process. We were pretty lucky to get introduced to Michael. He’s a hell of a producer and we’re glad to call him our friend. Here’s a rundown of the tracks that will be on our second studio EP, “Second Wind”!

Ghosts Of Yesterday

I envision this one being the lead track. We ended up going with a lower sound on this one and Shallow Grave, and it really transformed them into a different vibe. This song is about being haunted by your past, and the song really does have a haunting tone to it. Originally an instrumental, it was given new life when we added lyrics, and came out badass in the studio. Bill’s kick patterns are wicked on this album, and they really shine on this one.

Baptized N’ Whiskey

On this one, we took a little slower tempo. It really made the groove fat and swinging. Vocally, it has a dirty grungy sound, with some powerful vocals throughout, especially in the chorus. Michael said he was going to make Carpy’s bass sound really round and fat on this album, and this song is one that the bass groove carries it through.

Stuck In A Rut

This one probably surprised all of us the most. We’ve had this one for a long time now, and sometimes it gets put on the back burner. We weren’t sure if we had made a good decision bringing this one to the studio, but as we were putting it together, it was easy to see that we had made a good decision. Michael brought new elements here and there, and the end result was a surprisingly good, catchy song. Definitely a pleasant surprise!

Shallow Grave

This is probably my favorite one on the album. It has always had more of a classic 80’s inspired metal feel to it. That all changed when we dropped the tuning down a ways. I wasn’t sure how to approach the vocals since it was so low, but what came out was an almost demonic sound. It totally went with the vibe of the song. It ended up having some crazy sounds mixed in with it. I did all kinds of crazy vocal effects with my voice that sounded pretty crazy when we listened to them. Tavis’ guitars painted a haunting backdrop, and Bill’s kick drums were thumpin on this one. I can’t wait for this one to be heard by everyone!


This one was the newest song that we had written, and the one that we were the most worried about. Hell, we were hashing it out a few days before we left for Lincoln, and weren’t even sure we knew what to do with it. Michael assured us it was too cool of a riff to leave out, so we jumped in headfirst to see what came out. It ended up being one of the shorter songs to record as we flew through it on this one. This one jams.

Second Wind

Those who have followed us for a while know this song well. It usually ends up being the set closer, and is our favorite party anthem. The tempo gets up and goes on this one, then it drops down. Tavis’ solo is badass as usual, and vocally it came out well.

Overall, I feel this is a more polished record, with both catchy, grooving songs, and heavy riffing tunes as well. Every time we hit the studio, we leave as better musicians. With the lessons learned working with Michael, fueling us to make our live shows even better, it also helps us to write new material, because we start to see things when writing as “Well, here’s what Michael would say about that.” The hard part now is the wait until we get to hear the first round of mastered tracks. We will keep you all posted on a release date, and we are looking to step things up a notch in the merch line, with pint glasses, koozies, kids’ shirts, and all kinds of cool stuff as possibilities. We dedicate this record to all of our friends who have supported us along the way in our journey, and to all of the bands that we have gotten to jam with. And, we have a surprise in store for everyone coming up in the next month or so, so stay tuned friends!

And stay tuned we will! Is that an double-entendre?
Slantpiece also put together a video which includes a few peeks at the new jams! Check it out…

In case you don’t know, and you damn well should, Slantpiece f*cking kills it live.
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