Skummer “Tanded” Record Review

“You’ll remember this in therapy much later…”

An exhale, four cracks of the snare drum, and we’re f*cking off. Jesus H. Christ, the new album by Skummer, Tanded, is EXTREME. This ten track aural attack just does not let up.

You like blast beats? Skummer hate-f*cks your earholes with that snare drum.

You hate guitar cabinets? Roan Toan Toany’s amp is still in the corner crying after the abuse it went through to create this record.

Tanded is nuts, if you haven’t picked up on that already. It is absolutely unrelenting; if they let off the frantic blast beats for just a second, (well, about a minute during “Tonder Cave’s” feedback section) as if to let you breathe, it is just a tease, to slam your head under the wave of brutality harder and longer.

The guitars sound like they are on the verge of nuclear meltdown, lots of serpentine heavy riffs on the low strings, broken up by occasional shreddy, schizophrenic, hammer-on licks.

Skummer is a three-piece (Guitar, Drums, Vocals), and I’m not sure how another guitar or bassist could keep up with this machine gun assault. Skummer’s drummer, Ron Ton Tonkus, never takes his finger off the trigger, going through a warehouse worth of double bass drum and snare blast ammunition.

Vocalist Roughemund Fouve delivers a brutal, staccato, sometimes nearly shrieky performance, complementing the underlying music perfectly.

The band keeps sh*t short. “F*ck You That’s Why” clocks in at a whopping 8 seconds. Time your bullride to that sh*t! The whole record clocks in at just over 27 minutes. The first time I listened to Tanded, and it was over, I wanted more. THIS IS HOW RECORDS ARE F*CKING SUPPOSED TO BE. Don’t bore me with 30 minutes of unnecessary bullsh*t. Take me on a ride, and when it’s over, please god let it be over. Thank you Skummer.

You can get this beast at Skummer’s bandcamp page for free, or you can make a donation if you like. Get the record, and then get your fat ass off the couch to catch Lincoln Nebraska’s Skummer live!

If you haven’t got it already…
…Get out and pay some cover charges f*ckers!!!!

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