SINFEST 3 • Post show wrap-up awesomeness!

Well, well, well. It has been a few days and the staff here at are all dried out from last weekend’s drunk fest. Slamming that much free keg beer will put you on an I.V. and give you the brutal sh*ts lol… but that, is another story.

What a killer f***ing event this year’s SINFEST was. Five great bands, tons of free brews, cool artwork displays and great people. Opening this mother of a show was Architect or Arsonist. Their sound of heavy metal assault gave the pro audio system a run for it’s money. The sound inspired the crowd to move and form little mini circle pits of joy and pain. Make sure to head over to Crank It Up Radio and give their track titled “Sanctified Cyanide” a listen, it’s a crushing track.

So as the night rolled on and the liquor flowed, Valiska hit the stage. Never seeing or hearing the band, I didn’t know what to expect. My expectation where blown the f*** away! Valiska is brutal, and crunchy with tons of cool riffs to keep the music interesting. Awesome dudes and excellent music. Be sure to check them out live. I haven’t been able to track down a studio recording.

Moving on… the great leaders of Nebraska viking metal, Primal Waters took the stage and smoke started to fly. Minus a bass player, they still rocked the house! Primal played tunes from their latest release “Dichotomy”. The album is packed full of great metal songs that make you want to find your inner warrior and slay some villains. These guys deliver a great performance every time I see them. Check them out on Crank It Up Radio. Next time you’re at a show, pick up a copy of “Dichotomy”.

As Primal Waters finished their set, the venue was in a state of terror. Why you ask? Because the free keg beer was gone, that’s right… GONE!!! The crazy metal-heads of Norfolk, NE drank all the beer! Talk about partying gone wild.

Now that everyone was plowed and moving on to the top shelf beverages, it was time for a band with a top shelf stage show. I’m referring to Nebraska’s different breed of metal mixed with rock; I’m referring to Johnny “Motherf***ing” Legion. Johnny and his crew kicked ass and took no prisoners. It was cool to see a band play music that was inspired by old rock mixed with new rock. Had a chance to chat with Johnny after the show and asked him what bands inspired his recipe for destruction. Johnny mentioned Slipknot, Rob Zombie and even The Doors. Put all that together and you have got to see Johnny Legion.

Last but not least, just when you thought it was safe! We have the masters of partying. The crazy f***ers that put this beast of a show together. The one and only Sin/Fixx. It’s amazing! Every time they hit the stage, the venue turns into a riot! There were mosh pits, beer flying, women crawling onto the stage and more. Below there is a video that surfaced on the “internets”. Be warned that it’s sh*ty mobile phone quality, but you get the idea. There was no room in the budget for a steady cam ha ha! There will never be a mobile phone camera that can capture the sound of The Depot P.A. system… it’s F***ING LOUD!

If you missed the show, Dillon’s Diabolical Designs had a live artwork exhibition, with artwork consisting of brutal monsters, demons and creatures! Visit his website to see his work. Finally, if you have any crazy after-party stories, contact-us and let’s hear them. Maybe your story will get published!

So there you have it, stay cool, piss rust and stay METAL!