Silent On Fifth Street will mop your ass with the floor and melt your face! This is some good and heavy ass deathcore.

The Wavelink Agency and Clenched Fist Productions have put together a show that will dust your mortal bones! Headlining this beast of a show is the Maryland deathcore powerhouse that call themselves Silent On Fifth Street. You have to check out this band. If you love bands like Whitechapel and Carnifax, then you’re in for an ear-splitting treat.

What’s that? You don’t believe me, watch the video and see for yourself.

I know, I know… you’re blown away. Well, guess what! They’re coming to Omaha and playing the Lookout Lounge on Tuesday, October, 30th, 2018. The show also features local support from Violent Death Equipment, The Tale Untold, and The Hideous. This will be an all-ages event with a notarized permission slip.

Here is a link to the FB event page, so mark your calendars.