Seattle’s Rabbit Junk sounds like Fear Factory meets Combichrist and it’s CRUSHING!

That’s how I would describe it, this is some heavy electronic, metal, punk mix. Then throw that into a grinder along with EDM elements and you have Seattle’s experimental band Rabbit Junk. Their latest album, “Rabbit Junk Will Die: Meditations on Mortality”, caught my attention when I heard the single “Gravity Hero”.

It’s a heavy hitter that the ladies can shake their asses to, while the dudes start a moshpit here and there. The vocals during the chorus remind me of a song from the original Crow movie, but I cannot remember which song. Maybe you’ll know when you hear it.

The band only has two members, JP Anderson and Sum Grrl, so I have no idea how they play a live show. The band mixes elements of metal, industrial, digital hardcore, and seconds of grindcore… so like the band claims, it’s definitely its own thing. When you mix that many elements, I’d think you’d need about eight band members to perform a live show.

Visit Rabbit Junk’s Bandcamp page to listen to their discography. They’ve been around since 2004, so they have six albums total. There you have it… grab your flamethrowers, gas masks, and glowsticks… hit the streets, and start a revolution.