Scandroid’s Neo-Tokyo (Dance With The Dead Remix) is still amazing years later.

I heard this song a few years back while cruising my SoundCloud while searching for new music. The other day I fired up my SoundCloud app and this track from Scandroid starting playing and I instantly knew, I’ve got to write about this beast of a song.

The song has a very retro 80s sound with a killer beat and rad guitars. If this is the outcome when Scandroid and Dance With The Dead get together, than by all means keep it up. If you’re thirsty for more badass Scandroid tracks, head on over to the bandcamp page.

That reminds me, I actually saw Dance With The Dead live a few years ago. It was at the Hard Rock Casino in Iowa. They were on tour with Avatar, Devin Townsend, and one other band that I cannot remember. It was a pretty rad show for sure.

Anyway, you know what to do… turn it up loud and rock on!