Rift release a fine doom metal track titled “Lift To Ash”. Let’s check it out!

The Nebraska based metal band Rift has been releasing records for quite some time now. Since 2014 I believe to be exact. However, the band dates their beginnings back to 2010 when Jon Baumann and Nathan Christensen got together and started jamming. They did not have a vocalist and they didn’t need a vocalist. These guys play live and brought the riffs and the beats. I saw them live in Hastings years ago when they opened up for Ninefall.

Fast forward to 2018 and the band now features a complete lineup with vocals! Their latest doom metal release “Lift To Ash” is pretty damn badass. It’s slow, it’s heavy, and it’s aggressive. The powerful recipe for any good old fashioned doom metal track. Be sure to catch them live in Omaha on October 23, 2018, at The Lookout Lounge with Year of the Cobra and Azimuth. It appears to be $7 and an all ages event… so if you’re in the area… no excuses!

I’ve posted the Bandcamp player below so you can fest your earholes. If you want, you can head on over and download the track via Bandcamp and add it to your music collection. While you’re on BC add me.