Primal Waters release their new single “Imminent War”. Badass Concert .com EXCLUSIVE!

Saddle up your horses and get ready for a ride, because Primal Waters is putting out new music, and they’re giving you a exclusive listen to a new track, “Imminent War.” Needless to say, I’m really excited for their new album to drop! Recrudescence is coming out May 29th, and if the rest of it is anything like this track, we’re all in for one hell of a treat!

“Imminent War” kicks off with a great, thunderous, galloping guitar riff. Straight-forward and kicking you in the teeth. It reminds me a bit of a Megadeth riff, and I like that a lot. It sets the stage for the rest of this song. In your face, heavy, and just plain huge. There are some cool harmonies that show up about halfway through, and then right as you’re about to sit down and get comfortable, they turn the riff on its head and launch into the verse of the song.

A barrage of sixteenth notes from the guitars pave the way forward as drummer Merritt Blackburn slams away at his drums, and bassist Chuck Fleming just keeps this riff locked right down. Chris (vox/guitar) and Dan (guitar) Schoenberg are veritable riff masters, and “Imminent War” lets this mastery shine. Chris’ vocals are right up front and setting the tone for the song. I love the nearly mythological, storytelling lyrics, they are a great fit for what this band is doing. You can definitely feel the epic-ness of this story coming through. It’s very easy to do concept albums wrong; and Primal definitely has a grasp on how to do it right.

We’re treated, after this first verse, to a really heavy chant before the chorus starts. It shifts the song’s feeling around to let you know that something big is coming. The drums, and the low tom hits especially, make this part just put you on the edge of your seat. You’re ready to get into it, and PW is about to deliver.

The chorus is big and provides plenty of space for the great vocal hook that I almost guarantee you’ll be belting out along with the recording, “Warring nations!” I love how huge this chorus sounds! They bring it around another time and then shift right back into that voracious verse riff again. After another go through the verse and the chorus, we’re treated to some really kickass lead work. Very melodic and great movement around the fretboard. There is no showboating, the lead work makes musical sense, and works nicely to go into the bridge.

I love this bridge; the riffs always abound with this band. They very effortlessly transition from this awesome shifting riff and into another guitar solo. One thing I really enjoy about Primal Waters is that both Chris and Dan aren’t just great rhythm players, they have a great sense of melody and that shines through in both their lead work and also in a lot of their riffing. “What does that mean?” I hear you asking… It means that this song isn’t just a collection of riffs forced together. This song flows very nicely. Their collective melodic sensibilities are like the cheese on a pizza. And if you don’t want cheese on your pizza, I think you may be a commie.

We’re treated to one last time through that badass chant part that I love oh so much, ONE MORE big sexy chorus and a really sweet slap in the face of an ending. It’s done, it was a good ride, and dammit if I’m not ready to hear some more of the album!

If you are near Sioux Falls, you better be going and checking this band out on the May 29th at The Nickle Spot. The band is also playing Norfolk (Day of Havoc Festival Year 2), Omaha, Kearney, and Des Moines on their release tour, check their facebook for details. If for whatever reason you CAN’T be at one of the release shows, (maybe you’re a commie?) then you’ll have to wait a few to pick up the album online. It will be in all the usual online stores in June.

“Recrudescence” was recorded and produced by Primal Waters, and Patrick Musilek (Studio B Ltd.). It was mastered by Sean Joyce (Sean Joyce Audio). The DIY spirit is alive and well and it’s totally possible to make really kick ass recordings right here in Nebraska. It takes a lot of skill, talent, practice, and determination to put out good tracks like this, and “Imminent War” shows that Primal Waters has got it goin’ on.

Listen here!