Primal Waters is opening for Goatwhore and Iron Reagan!


Well hell yeah, congrats to Primal Waters and way to go Iowa, for scoring one hell of an awesome gig! For starters, Primal Waters is opening up for a list of excellent bands. This concert is gonna rock you so hard, you’ll be damaged forever. The too much excellent lineup consists of Goatwhore, Iron Reagan, Rotting Malignancy, Agrinex, Opposing The Apparition and of course, Primal Waters. This is going to be epic. If you don’t go to this gig, you’re crazy.

Goatwhore, if you haven’t listened to them, are brutally impressive. Check out the track “Baring Teeth for Revolt”; it rips. It’s a total jam session from hell. Better yet, see the video right here…

Next up, we have Iron Reagan… dude, if you love hardcore and punk then prepare for a good ole time! You know the score, the fastest beats and most outraging vocals you can cram into an impressive number of three minute songs. Their music video completes their style with just awesome comedy; see for yourself…

Moving along we have Rotting Malignancy, Agrinex, Opposing The Apparition and again, of course, Primal Waters. Primal Waters can be heard jamming out on our very own “Crank It Up Radio”, right here on Their newest release, “Dichotomy” features 11 tracks and kicks ass and takes no prisoners. You can purchase the new album by attending this glorious concert and visiting the merch booth. So you gotta go!

The details on the concert are provided and promoted by Metro Concerts Live. If they promote metal shows, they’re “super f*cking metal” in our book. This madness is going down on Friday, October 24th, 2014 at the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, Iowa. For all the official details, see the links below…

So there you have it, be there or be square. Stay cool, listen to metal and piss rust!

INSERT QUICK-PLUG HERE: Rotting Malignancy will be performing at’s The Weirdtacular Halloween Extravaganza on November 1st, 2014, check it out!