Parkway Drive’s new album “Reverence” sounds beyond savage! You have to hear this.

Parkway Drive will be releasing their new upcoming album “Reverence” on May 4th, 2018, and from what I’ve heard this record is going to be savage as hell. Just check out the video for “Wishing Wells”, it’s just too damn good. I’m playing it on repeat right now. I will for sure be adding this record to my collection of tunes, no doubt about it.

The only major bummer is they are currently touring and of course, there are no Midwest dates that I could see. I’m not driving to Ohio, you feel me? That’s a long haul, however, for all you Ohio metalheads… score your tickets and get your ass to the show on May 1st at Newport Music Hall.

You can pre-order the album on the band’s website.

Happy 4/20 all you crazy f@#$ers.