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I will start out by saying that I do not often listen to many records by local bands that describe themselves as any sort of Black Metal, but now, I think I may start. I just stumbled across a great release called “Parasitical Darkness,” a 10-song split record with Topeka, KS’s only Black Thrash band, Dark Apostle, and Omaha’s Parasitical.

I know that I’ve seen both of these bands live, although I can’t remember exactly when. Typically though, my experience with super-extreme live local metal is somewhat disappointing, a lot of the detail gets lost in the blast beats and super distorted everything, not to mention the limitations of sh*tty bar sound systems. But on a record, the intricate nature of these songs comes through! There are tasty metal morsels saturating this f***er; a couple of my favorite things are the sweet bass parts all over Dark Apostle’s 5 tracks, courtesy of bassist Drew, and some of the heavy f***ing grooves on Parasitical’s contributions to the split, especially the ones that feature guitar harmonics like on “Organ Auxilary Closet” and “Aborting Rotten Prayers.”

One thing that is definitely not detail-discernible is the vocals, of course, as both bands are black metal-influenced, but you do occasionally hear things like “wipe my ass with…”, “we summon…” and “eternity” (you know, metal sh*t!) and maybe some things that could be the titles of the songs in parts that sound a little like choruses.

Overall, the production totally works for the genre. It took me about half a song to adjust, and then I got lost in the wave. Both bands keep it interesting throughout the record, throwing in parts like the back-to-back intros of DA’s “False Hopes” and Parasitical’s “Osedax.” “False Hopes” starts with a pounding drum solo, and “Osedax” starts and ends with unexpected synthesizer sounds and is all over the place in the middle. Both of these bands cram so many riffs into each song. A handful of the tracks on this record are over the 5:30 mark.

This is a great listen! Take a couple rips, relax and listen to or download “Parasitical Darkness” right now! Right here! For Free! And when you’re done with that…

Get out and pay some cover charges f***ers!

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