Nita Strauss and Alissa White-Gluz join forces! Check out the new track, “The Wolf You Feed”.

Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge ARCH ENEMY fan. A.E. is literally the modern day IRON MAIDEN in my book… legendary songs that will stand the test of time. Alissa White-Gluz is an amazing vocalist and she has been doing some guest appearances on a lot of tunes lately. Which brings us to this latest offering, Alissa has joined forces with Nita Strauss to bring you the killer track titled, “The Wolf You Feed”.

I’m digging this beast of a track, this totally should develop into an entire record with an opening slot on an Arch Enemy tour. The song has a refreshing crispy riff sound with a ton of dynamics vocals.

On top of that, this is one of the most totally rad music videos you’ll feast your eyes on… those killer demon-ish makeup scenes are frick’n amazing. Note: I’m no wordsmith “demon-ish”, go easy. ;)

Moving on, grab a beer, turn the volume up, and check out the video… happy Wednesday.