New Slantpiece record is available for pre-order. First 100 orders score an early bonus extra!

We had a great year in 2014 here at BadassConcert, but I am beside myself with excitement for the upcoming year. There are so many great local metal records that are going to come out in 2015! I am fortunate to get a taste of some of these treats before they are released to the public. This weekend I got a double shot of Slantpiece’s new record, Second Wind, and I can still feel the whiskey and weed in my ears.

I fired up the first track I received, “T.H.C.,” Slantpiece’s tribute to AC/DC. This track always makes the crowd lose their minds live, and by god, now you can take that feeling home with you! The song starts off with an absolutely heavenly-sounding kick drum and dense, heavy guitars, and then a chant of “SMOKE! SMOKE! SMOKE!” comes in. You’ll be familiar with the melody, but the lyrics have been made 4:20 friendly. There are a few lines that I have not been able to make out at shows, but you can hear every clever word in the recording; it’s enough to make you pause the headbanging to giggle.

You can even get a hit delivered right to your computer! The first 100 pre-orders will receive a download of “T.H.C.” to keep your head right until Second Wind comes out in full.

To pre-order, be in touch with the band at Slantpiece’s Facebook or

A few weeks ago, I saw that “Baptized in Whiskey” was playing on North Platte’s Rock 100.7, and I missed it! Understandably, I was ultra-bummed. But my heavy metal soul has been shown new life, as Slantpiece singer/guitarist Derek Johnson hooked me up with a sneak peek of this heavy jam.

Just like “T.H.C.,” anyone who has seen Slantpiece in the last few months should be familiar with “Baptized in Whiskey.” It’s a slow-grooving rocker that any fan of Black Label Society will definitely appreciate. This track is well written, with verses that suck you in and an anthemic chorus that takes you over the top.

Even a casual fan of Slantpiece will know how much they like working with engineer/producer Michael Beck, and Beck did a fabulous job on the band’s 2013 release Get You Some. I expected that Second Wind would just be Get You Some Part II in the sonic department, but I was delighted to find out how wrong I was. You can feel the relationship between band and producer strengthening, the production and sound quality is truly a step up from Get You Some. The drums are fat and punchy, and the bass and guitars are tight, heavy, and thick! This record is going to sound every bit as good as any major-label release.

And you don’t have to take my word for it! Go get a pre-order, getcha some “T.H.C.” and before you know it, you’ll have Second Wind in your hands.

But until then…

…get out and pay some cover charges f*ckers!