New heavy track from Wet Radio! It’s called “Made Man”.

What is it that makes metal music “metal?” We call Black Sabbath metal, and we call Behemoth metal, and there is a whole universe in between that we call “metal.” Is it crushing guitar sounds? Slamming drums? Killer riffs? Or is it just HEAVINESS?

I don’t know what to call Wet Radio’s recently released “Made Man” but god damn is this thing heavy. Any self-respecting fan of big, dirty grooves will be instantly hooked. I’ve killed the last half hour listening to this 8-minute-plus jam over and over.

Wet Radio is known for LOUD, intense live performances, and Sean Joyce of Sean Joyce Audio has captured their intensity masterfully. Matt Wilson’s drums are super punchy and detailed, starting the song with a snare drum “solo” and driving the groove home through the rest of this mafakka. Dave Tuttle’s bass is big and round and comes through in all the right places, I would even dare to call it a “yoga pants”-type bass sound. The vocals are also handled very well; Dave is a great singer, and Sean put him right where he belongs. My favorite part sonically though is Glen Olsen’s guitar tone. HOLY SH*T. Ultra distortion, but somehow still earthy, and the nasal buzzsaw fuzz on the guitar solo around the 5 minute mark just takes you to the damn moon.

“Made Man” will be part of Wet Radio’s upcoming album called Tread Heavily which they expect to release around the first of the year.

Anyways, enough of my yakkin’ — let’s boogie!!

…and just so you know, boogieing at home by yourself is only part of a balanced musical diet.

Get out and pay some cover charges f*ckers!!!