Megadeth release a new single and it’s a precision ripper of a speed metal track.

It’s always a fun filled event when one of the almighty big four bands drop a new track and Megadeth has done just that with their new offering titled, “We’ll be back”. The track is super heavy and it’s fast as hell… that’s the way I like my Megadeth, with a ton of speed.

It looks like Dave Mustaine may be adventuring into some professional film making sorta. I mean technically it’s not a new thing, Megadeth has done music videos with stories before, but this just feels more serious and different. I won’t give anything away, but check out the video and be sure to turn up the volume… this one is really good.

Their new album is titled, “The Sick, The Dying, and The Dead” and it drops on September 2nd, more information can be found on