If you like Toxic Holocaust, Venom, and partying haha… you are going to love BAT.

It’s Nebraska, it’s a snowstorm, I’m stuck at home and so it’s time to check out some bands on the old Bandcamp. What I found is a great record and a great band called BAT. That’s right BAT. The band is from Richmond, Virginia, and one of the dudes looks like the guitarist from Municipal Waste. Every musician has like five bands nowadays.

BAT’s latest record titled, “Wings Of Chains” reminds me a lot of Venom, but with modern production and mastering technology. Those old Venom records sound so grimy, raw, and dangerous… and there is nothing wrong with that!!! However, the modern production and mastering allow you to just crank the volume up and still sound f@#$ing amazing and not distorted.

Check out the record via the band’s Bandcamp page or listen below with the music player. The album features 12 thrashing speed metal tracks and they also have a couple previous releases to check out as well.