Larry Sandoval • Top 5 Albums of 2014

Editors Note: This top 5 albums of 2014 list is from Larry Sandoval of Surveying the Damned. They released their EP “The Pattern” this year, you can read the B.A.C. article here. Check out Surveying the Damned on Facebook.

1. Iron Reagan • Tyranny of Will

This album just brings out the old school, hardcore thrash that I’ve been missing for awhile now. Every track kills on this. Probably my favorite album of 2014.

2. Van Canto • Dawn of The Brave

Acapella metal. These guys are just insane. Badaboom is one of the most epic, badass songs I’ve heard in awhile.

3. Machine Head • Bloodstone and Diamonds

M.H. still rips. This is probably some of Rob’s best vocal work yet, and the riffs are just killer throughout.

4. Opposing The Apparition • Indivisible

These guys just blew me away. Aztec is a killer cut. One of the best bands we’ve had from around here in awhile.

5. Rancid • Honor Is All We Know

Rancid is one of my all-time favorite bands, and Matt Freeman was probably my biggest influence as a bass player and songwriter. They got back more to the vintage Rancid sound on this album, and I’ve been jamming the crap outta it.

Larry Sandoval
– Surveying The Damned