It’s $5 at the door! Micawber, Deadechoes, Y-Incision, and Rumination Cycles at The Lookout.

Only $5 at the door buys you a one-way ticket to mosh-town on a Wednesday night in Omaha at the fabulous Lookout Lounge. Green Bay’s MICAWBER is coming to town on April 18th, 2018, to kick some ass and bring the party. I’ll post their music player at the bottom featuring the album, “The Gods Of Outer Hell”. It’s brutal, it’s groovy, it’s fast… you’ll like it.

This gig will feature a heavy lineup of local support to get the party started. A band that needs no introduction, the BEST METAL BAND in Nebraska, the mighty Deadechoes is on the bill! Ted’s drumming skills will decimate your bones into dust. Rich’s vocals and guitar riffs will leave you bruised and broken. Finally, Mic’s bass skills will melt your f@#$ing soul. You get the idea… THE BEST!

I see that Y-Incision is part of the lineup. If you’ve witnessed the band live, you’re scared for life LMAO! These guys put on one hell of an entertaining set, but they seem to forget their pants. No shirt, no shoes, no service… ha, tell that to these dudes. I saw them open for Municipal Waste and they kicked ass.

Rumination Cycles will be opening the show. You know the drill, get your ass there early so you don’t miss their set. So there you have it. If you’re in Omaha next month on the 18th, it’s time to party. Now here is that MICAWBER album to check out.

Here are the official Facebook event details.