Interviewing the locals • Metal’s Best of 2013 • with Primal Waters’ Dan Schoenberg

     Maybe I’m indecisive but I always have a hard time putting albums in a “best of” list from year to year. When I analyze an album it is Good, Great, Meh, or Sh*t, then I have to compare and contrast each album to the rest of the bands releases, then I wonder if I should stack it up against the gods, the amateurs or the noobs and a slew of other factors. What it comes down to though is; how much did I head-bang walking around the house, and what have I found myself listening to? Without order or further ado, my list for 2013…

Carcass- Surgical Steel

It wasn’t until this album that I really gave Carcass much attention. Since it has come out I have listened to several of their albums a few times each, so, needless to say “Surgical Steel” has made an impression. The riffs and writing are great and have some sweet harmonies and solos topped off with really clear, solid tones. I believe it was Godless, from MetalSUCKS podcast with Chuck and Godless that said “Surgical Steel” is already one of the top Metal albums of all time. I may not agree with that but it is a great damn album.

Revocation- Revocation

The intro to this is awesome. Screw Chris for saying that the artwork sucks, it may not be impressive compared to the rest of the covers but it’s still pretties brutal. Other than that I 100% agree with Chris….. Dat. Tone.

Amon Amarth- Deceiver of the Gods

Some may wonder why this album is on any lists this year and I don’t expect it on many but sometimes you just need gallops, tremolo picking and straight up Viking blood pulsing through your veins. This album isn’t setting any new levels of awesome but it is well done and I think stands own its own amongst the rest of Amon Amarth’s releases.

Exivious – Liminal

This record isn’t Metal really. This is an entirely instrumental album that is a bit of a roller coaster. It has lots of time and key changes, simple lines one second, groovy licks over-lying jazzy chord progressions the next and full on shred after that. It sounds pretty fantastic too.

Skeletonwitch – Serpents Unleashed

Great album. Fast, brutal, head-bangy metal. After I read Chris’s list I haven’t been able to think of any other way to describe it.

Death Angel – The Dream Calls for Blood

The title track gets stuck in my head CONSTANTLY!! I like all of Death Angel’s music but I definitely find myself listening to this more than the older material. Perhaps that is because it’s new but never the less. The overall sound is probably the best of all their albums and Mark Osengueda’s vocals are awesome, especially his Dio voice! Phenomenal record!

Evile – Skull

This year I was deep in the catacombs of the interwebs searching for clues. Clues that would lead me to the sacred pool that grants the power to write the most monstrous of all riffs to those who ingest it. It was during this quest for Metal that I came across “Skull”. Nah, I forgot how I found Evile but they kick ass. Another album to note from these guys is “Five Serpents Teeth”.

A few albums that I really like but haven’t had much time to listen to thoroughly enough to write a few sentences on are:

Toxic Holocaust – Chemistry of Consciousness
Warbringer – IV: Empires Collapse
Lord Dying – Summon the Faithless
Kalma – Seventh Swamphony
Battle Cross – War of Will

…. A lot of great stuff came out this year. Let’s end with that.

Dan Schoenberg,
Primal Waters