If you haven’t witnessed Toxic Holocaust live, you’re missing out! THE LIVE EXPERIENCE!

I saw Toxic Holocaust about a month ago in Omaha at the Slowdown. They opened up for GWAR along with Sacred Reich, and Against The Grain. It was an awesome show for all the bands, but I have to say Toxic Holocaust stole the show. Their setlist was just filled with tunes that melted you with riffs… I mean speed riff, after crunchy riff, after shredding guitar riff. You cannot go wrong with this band.

The only downside was Toxic Holocaust played all their classics and not much of the new album, but it’s cool. Band frontman, Joel Grind writes all the songs and utilizes hired guns for touring… my guess, the new guys didn’t have time to learn all the new songs yet. It’s all good, that gives me a reason to check their website for more tour dates!!!

I’ll leave you with a track from their new album… enjoy!