Iconocaust new song titled “The Hero & The Sacrifice”.

A few days ago, BadassConcert.com announced that Iconocaust was confirmed for Stormfest 2015, and I have to say that I am f***ing STOKED! Stormfest keeps getting better and better. Read our wrap-up from 2014 here.

On Saturday, Uncle Tripp of Clenched Fist Productions posted that 7 out of 12 slots for the upcoming Stormfest have been confirmed! So in addition to Iconocaust and Kingshifter, we have The Blood of War, DeadEchoes, Empires End, and When Towers Fall confirmed and announced at this point.

But FRIDAY, Iconocaust released the title track from their upcoming release entitled “The Hero & The Sacrifice” as a drum playthrough video. Maybe it’s because I am a little bit of a drumming and recording nerd, but it’s a great way to release a new song! Lyric videos are a popular way to release new songs lately, but they’ve never done a whole lot for me–I much prefer to see a skilled musician shred!

The track sounds great. It opens with with machine gun sounds, like Metallica’s “One,” and as far as I can tell, the lyrical content is also about military personnel/war. However, the similarities fade after that. “The Hero & The Sacrifice” blasts into a kick ass harmonized guitar line, and after that, right into the brutality. One of Iconocaust’s hallmarks is their use of clean vocals along with the metal throat. A lot of bands throw clean vocals into the choruses of their songs to try to lure more females to their shows, but Iconocaust’s clean vocals are there to support the song, and are expertly executed, absolutely no cringing for notes that don’t quite hit pitch here folks.

And the musicianship isn’t just skin deep! There are great guitar lines all over this f***er. Galen Stevenson and Brian Davis never take a break, around every corner is a great guitar part. Jason White holds it down on bass, poking through the mix to great effect here and there.

Oh yeah, this is a drum playthrough video! Chris Van Cleave rips it up! Super tight double bass, ultra-smooth fills, motherf***er puts on a clinic!

Long story short, a great new song from a great band. There is a reason that Iconocaust is one of the most popular metal bands in the midwest. And we have the pleasure of having them travel from Denver to our doorstep this coming April!

But there is a long time between now and then…
…so get out and pay some cover charges f***ers!!