Iconocaust confirmed for Stormfest 2015 lineup!

Yup, it’s going down in Omaha on April 11th, 2015 at The Hideout! That’s right, STORMFEST is eternal. With no end in sight, 2015’s concert is all ready gonna kick ass with the confirmation of Iconocaust to the lineup. Founded in 2005, Iconocaust hails from Denver, Colorado metro area. These guys has an entire arsenal of badass metal tunes to melt your faces off and leave your ear-holes wanting more. Drums sound awesome and the beat is thick with heavy-ness. These guys have some killer guitar skills; just wait until the guitar solos kicks in… like Iron Maiden and sh*t, seriously! Vocally it’s brutal, exciting and clean with melodies. Here is a taste of the madness off their newest release. The track is titled “Devil To Believe”. Check out the video…

Don’t you just hate it when some dude records the entire concert on his f***ing phone? I do, mucho style. A few pictures is cool, but watching the whole show through some dude’s screen in front of you sucks… however after a random YouTube search this video gives you an idea of how badass Iconocaust sounds live. For a s*itty mobile phone, this sounds good. They bring it and deliver the goods.

Don’t forget to haul ass over to facebook and check out Clenched Fist Productions. CFP is the product of the almighty Tripp. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. He plays the bass guitar for the amazing TenDead and The Blood Of War. Without Tripp’s knowledge and wisdom, Stormfest would not be around!

The moral of this story is listen to Iconocaust, save the date on April 11th, 2015 for Stormfest 2015, listen to METAL and PISS RUST!