Hemlock coming to Kearney, “Revolution” video out now!

Do you like to rock the party? Now there is a question we seriously shouldn’t have to ask. For Hemlock (and you too!), the blatantly obvious answer is YES! And because you like to rock the party, then you should totally go check out their new video.

There are beaches, roller blading guitarists, a Michael Jackson impersonator, and serious amounts of flexing. In fact, there is so much pasty-white man chest going on in this video, I had to watch twice so that I could pay attention to the song the second time. This video looks super 90’s, and it’s genuinely entertaining to me.

“Revolution” is a pretty damn heavy tune too. They bring the groove and the riff right from the start, and it does not stop. With plenty of laser-tight riffage, in-your-face vocals that don’t let up, a big hook in the chorus, a really great breakdown (I can’t help but visualize people crab-walking when I hear this), and a rad guitar solo that ties in the intro melody very nicely, Hemlock has a well-packaged tune here.

If you like what your eyes and ears have just experienced, then I have some supremely wonderful information for you! Hemlock, Empires End, and Slantpiece will be tearing it down on June 26th at The Coop Banquet Hall in good ol’ Kearney, NE. It is your right, privilege, and DUTY to go enjoy yourself with all of these wonderful folks, have a beverage or two, and rock the party.

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