The Hellanova Lost Demo Record

Remember Hellanova? Of course, you don't... we were all wasted.

All of us remember patches of Hellanova memories as the beer and booze faded in and out of our systems. To bring back those memories, presents the Hellanova "All The Trash N' No Trailer" demo album in all its glory.

This demo is a classic. All five rocking tunes are here including... Sunday Mornin, Mudwhistle, Blinded, Dirty Sanchez & Trailer Park Princess. Featuring Ryan Northrup on lead vocals and lead guitar, Jeremy Morehead on rhythm guitar, Randy Martinez on bass guitar and Tom Brown on the drums.

So enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a great weekend. Bookmark this page and rock it on your mobile devices. Jump over to the Hellanova Facebook page to give them a "like" and long live Rock N' Roll.

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