Hatebreed, Obituary, and more! 25th Anniversary Tour | The Live Experience

It was a Tuesday night in Omaha and the place to be was the Sokol, not the C.H.I! This was a good old fashioned Heavy Metal/Death Metal/Punk Rock/Hardcore show. It’s the only way to celebrate your birthday!

To start things off, Skeletal Remains played a brutal set of their own brand of old school death metal. The music was everything you would expect from a quality death metal performance… windmill headbanging, cookie monster vocals, neck-snapping riffs, and killer precision work. If you haven’t checked this band out yet, do yourself a favor and DO IT!

Next up was the legendary Prong, you know them, you love them. Tommy and the boys gave an outstanding performance. Playing the good stuff that the ladies can dance to… “Whose Fist Is This Anyway”, “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck”, and more. It was awesome to witness the New Yorkers on the top of their game. Am I bringing back memories? Dust off those Prong records and crank that stuff up.

Moving on, Obituary took the stage and the pit was dangerous! Obituary is so badass to see live. They bring the riff, they bring the speed and leave you thrashed. When they played “Sentence Day” you couldn’t help it, you had to jump in the pit. It was a big Omaha old school circle pit, it smelled like ass, lol! The only downside is they didn’t play “End It Now”, I dig that track. All in all, Obituary is a legendary act to see live and they CRUSH IT!

Once Obituary was finished melting our faces, it was break time. You know the drill, take a piss and grab a couple $8 brews from the bar because it’s time for HATEBREED. By now, everyone on the planet knows I’m a huge Hatebreed fan. Of course, I’m going to their 25th-anniversary tour. It was a great show, Hatebreed brought the hardcore for a good hour and everyone lost their voices from chanting the classics! “Perseverance”, “Proven”, “This Is Now”, “A Call For Blood”, “Looking Down The Barrel Of Today”, etc. etc. etc. IT’S WAS BAD-F’N-ASS!!!

Afterward, things went pretty smooth. I wore earplugs (so no ear ringing), slammed some water before crashing out (no hangover), and a couple of days later my neck didn’t even ache like hell (from headbanging). So there you go, my live experience mofos. I’ll leave you with some tunes below and get your butts to some shows.