Ghosts of Ruin “Dead Rise” New Music Video

So just in case you’ve been living under a rock lately, zombies are like totally a thing now. And they are all over Ghosts of Ruin’s new video for “Dead Rise.”

The Omaha-based 5-piece, in conjunction with Off the Record Studios, released a whole lot of zombie love this Valentine’s Day. The premise of the video: a nice-looking “alternative” (lol) couple is moving out of their farmhouse, and zombies attack. And yes, it does end with a plot twist. Admittedly, not the most original idea, but coupled with a cool death metal song, it works.

And the song is pretty rad! The video is 6:37 long, but the song has so many different parts that it doesn’t get boring. In fact, the final section is REALLY funny…I certainly hope that was intentional. But the “meat” of the song is creative and well played. Tons of different guitar riffs, played well, and solid drumming throughout. And THANK GOD when sh*t gets “weird” at the end the vocals don’t fall apart. Well done GoR vocalist, Greg Foral.

The video looks good too. It really shows what you can accomplish hanging out with your friends for a day with a little motivation, thought, and an HD camera. Looks like it was a ton of fun to make.

Check it out!!

Don’t let a zombie apocalypse stand in the way of…
…getting out and paying some cover charges f*ckers!!!