Fit For An Autopsy cover Lamb Of God’s “Walk With Me In Hell”, and it’s GOOOOOD!!!

Hearing this cover instantly brings back all the Lamb Of God concerts I’ve been to, I’ve lost count over the years. This cover is super good and of course F.F.A.A. add their own flair to the song. The screams are insane, the guitars are perfect, and the drums are killer. This is a great example of great musicians just having fun and jamming out.

Speaking of F.F.A.A., they’re heading out on tour with In Flames this month. It looks like the tour kicks off on September 6th in Boston, MA. See their website for all the dates. I’ll be catching up with the tour on September 30th at The Bourbon in Lincoln, NE. I can’t wait, I’ve always wanted to see In Flames live, and F.F.A.A. is just an extra bonus.

You know what to do, turn it up and listen to In Flames and F.F.A.A. and see you at the show.