Fields Of Murder, Primal Waters, Fallen Reign, and Grindstone Remedy are rocking Omaha at Dr. Jack’s Drinkery.

In a couple weeks you’re going to need to get out of the house and head on down to Dr. Jack’s Drinkery in Omaha for this most excellent metal show. On the bill is Grindstone Remedy, Fallen Reign, Primal Waters, and Fields Of Murder. So your lucky little ass is guaranteed to be full-on entertained on a grand old Saturday night for a piss-ant five dollar cover charge… that’s nothing, suck it up.

Let’s talk about the headlining band Fields of Murder. After listening to their tunes on Reverb-f@#$ing-nation, I can tell you one thing, this is the soundtrack of pure anger and it’s brutal as hell. The vocals are maximum raging and loud, I bet this sounds heavy as dynamite going off in your ear live. Be sure to check out their track titled, “Kingdom of Solitude” it has a great chugging groovy riff mixed with some alarm clock riffs. They kinda give me a Meshuggah meets early-early-Killswitch Engage. (I’m not talking about “Alive or Just Breathing”. EARLIER!)

Be sure to show up when the doors open so you catch all the bands. I personally recommend checking out Primal Waters, they f@#$ing slay live on stage. Tell Chris and Dan, “Dillon sentcha”… maybe you’ll get a discount LMAO! Be sure to check out the jams on their Reverbnation page.

Before I hit the road, I’ll leave you with a taste of the Fields Of Murder madness below via the music player! Don’t forget to RSVP on the event’s Facebook page. Alrighty then… I’ll catch you later, I’m got to go check out some Fallen Reign and Grindstone Remedy because listening to new music is F-U-N.

Oh yeah, the show is on February 24th, 2018.