FECHT FEST Heavy Metal Festival 2022

Live from The Otherside in Kearney, Nebraska. It's two nights of live music, back-to-back, featuring over twenty music artists and a lineup of unique vendors. Not only that, the show also features a special guest performance by MYHEADHERTZ. The event maybe titled "Heavy Metal Festival", however, it's 2022 and Fecht Fest features multiple genres of music to satisfy many musical tastes.

Be sure to BOOKMARK this page to follow the continuous updates and exciting announcements. This show is brought to you by the following sponsors...

  • The Otherside
  • Dillon's Diabolical Designs®
  • Halloween Hot Rod™
  • Mr. James Fecht

Give James a big thank you when you see him for putting this MONSTER gig together.

Friday Night

  • TenDead
  • Phantom
  • Empires End
  • Trimind
  • Terradactyl
  • Crack Mountain
  • As Tides Rise
  • Deadend
  • Salvador Kubrick

Saturday Night

  • Green Country Irate
  • Slantpiece
  • Swift Kick Six
  • Dear Freida
  • Molten
  • Stones The Thrones
  • Bear The Attack
  • Fascinus Rex
  • Cliche
  • Phil Koubek Project
  • El Jefe

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