Faded Black and A Different Breed are going to have a busy weekend!

This weekend (Feb 27th and 28th, 2015) is going to be a busy one for Lincoln bands Faded Black and A Different Breed.

To start it off, they’ll be playing Knickerbocker’s Friday night with Omaha metalcore outfit Devil In the Details and female-fronted hard rockers Evicted. Looks like this will be D.I.T.D.’s first time in Nebraska’s capital city, so if you are a “Lincolnite”, and are into “genre” metal, it’s a great chance to catch this up-and-coming band.

Devil in the Details is interesting to me. It seems like they just kind of burst onto the scene in early 2014, with a video out before they even played a live show. Then, when they did play their first show, it was to a sold out crowd at Sokol Underground, with D.I.T.D. headlining. The videos are professionally produced, the sound quality of their recordings is on par with any commercially produced music, and all of their graphics look great. Clap of the hands to a band that has their sh*t together. I personally am into heavy metal, so their music doesn’t do much for me, and probably does not for anyone who identifies as a “metalhead.” But, I think they are aiming for a much younger, much less testicled crowd. But alas, a “heavy” act with commercial viability right in our own backyard, F.W.I.W.

Back to Faded Black and A.D.B. though, I apologize for the detour.

Saturday, February 28th, Faded Black and A Different Breed will be playing the Central Nebraska Band Showcase at the Buffalo County Fairgrounds in Kearney. This event is sponsored by Yanda’s Music & Pro Audio from Kearney. Good job Yanda’s for putting together an event that brings together a group of diverse bands–11 of them in total! Check it out Tri-Citiers!

RSVP and see the full lineup here.

And then… and yes there is an and then… Faded Black and A Different Breed will play their THIRD show of the weekend at Gillies Bar in Kearney. They will be joined by Empires End, who is also playing the Central Nebraska Band Showcase.

RSVP here!

I just told you how to do it, so…
…get out and pay some cover charges!

Well, actually the showcase is free, but you get my drift, RIGHT????