Drowning In The Platte “In Solitude and Despair” Exclusive stream of new track!

Running an extreme metal act from a remote Nebraska town is no easy task, and that’s why Drowning in the Platte is one of Nebraska’s hardest working extreme metal acts. It seems like every time I turn around they are playing a show, hours and hours far from their home in Columbus. DITP travels light though, with just two members, Shitty and Tard, playing drums and guitar respectively, and sharing vocal duties.

In addition to driving all over the midwest playing shows this summer, Drowning in the Platte is putting together a new album that will be titled Erosion, due out in the spring of 2016. The album is being recorded by Scott Pearson of Big Head Productions from Herman, NE who also did the audio for DITP’s Wetlands album. The tracklisting for Erosion is:

  1. Thin the Herd
  2. The Big Conspiracy
  3. Blood and Art
  4. Baseball
  5. The Dead Make the Best Dates
  6. You Gon Die
  7. Some Things You Can’t Explain
  8. Tossed Off a Bridge
  9. In Solitude and Despair
  10. The Collector (live)
  11. Devastation (live)

The band was kind enough to send us a track off of their forthcoming album, “In Solitude and Despair”. While the track is definitely not a hi-fi experience, its production sucks me in more and more upon every listen. It’s a wave of tremolo picking and blast beats, and it captures the feeling of solitude and despair in a way that only black/grind metal can. As I mentioned in my Day of Havoc Fest wrap-up, I’m a big fan of Shitty and Tard’s back and forth vocals, and “In Solitude and Despair” makes great use of this technique.

Check out the track below, and keep an eye out for a music video coming soon from Drowning in the Platte. We’ll be covering that as well right here on BadassConcert.com.

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