Downhearted’s new album release party at The Lookout Lounge.

So it’s a Saturday night in O-town and you’re looking for some action. You’re thinking, “Man, I need to hear some kickass hardcore music so I can open up a PIT.” Well, my friends, The Lookout Lounge and Aorta Music have you covered. Saturday, February 17th, 2018, Downhearted take the stage to celebrate the release of their new album titled, “Artificial Integrity”.

The show is all ages, just remember if you’re under 18 you will need a notarized form. $10 at the door scores you a ticket and their new CD, THAT’S A SWEET DEAL… what the hell can you buy with ten bucks nowadays? There will be five bands total. The four supporting acts are… Those Dirty Thieves, Heartland, Blessed Are The Merciless, and Bastard Eyes.

Go ahead, RSVP bro via the official Facebook event page and follow their Bandcamp page as well. Before you go here is a teaser video of the track “Afterparty Blues” off their new album. Make sure the sound is on… it’s a Facebook video.