Diabolical Dillon’s • Top 5 Albums Of 2017

#5 Havoc - Conformicide

Havoc's new album "Conformicide" is pretty solid from start to finish. The jams are packed with thrashy metal goodness and neck-snapping riffs. I'm pretty sure the band members are KSE fans because of all the pitch harmonic guitar sequels which are awesome. Who doesn't like rippin' sequels? The drums are fast and may cause you to just start moshing on the spot, it has happened to me a couple times haha.

The lyrics are not too bad, lots of good old "grab-life-by-the-horns-and-start-a-revolution" powered inspiration. The government is out of control and you need to wake up bro. The vocals are metal as hell, but I would prefer heavier vocals. I think heavier vocals would take this record to a new level, just my preference.

Head on over to iTunes or wherever and score yourself a copy of this record. If you want to see them live, they're from Colorado so it's only a hop and a skip from good old Nebraska.

Havoc's Website

#4 Arch Enemy - Will To Power

I'm most likely going to receive some feedback for what I'm about to say, but here we go. Arch Enemy is a highly talented band with great songs, but this new record even though it jams, it lacks something in the vocals and the lyrics.

The lyrics just do not hold up with the classic albums like "Khaos Legions", "Rise Of The Tyrant", and "Wages Of Sin". But instead of bitching about how great the old days were, let's focus on this new album's drums and guitars. Fast melodic guitars and relentless drums are sick as f@#$. A great example is a track titled "The Race", it's my favorite song on the new album hands down. Check out the video above and see for yourself.

Meanwhile, I miss Angela Gossow on vocals? Alissa is extremely talented and does an amazing job, but it's not the throat scarring brutality that Angela delivers. Angela's vocals are just like a badass villainous creator from hell. However, check out the bonus track where Alissa kills it on vocals, the Skitslickers cover "Leaders Of The F@#$ing Assholes". I love it. Turn your speakers up loud and watch the video below...

Arch Enemy's website

#3 Once Human - Evolution

Moving forward with my top 5 list, Once Human is back with their second record "Evolution" and it's as heavy as your grandma's mash potatoes recipe. Lauren Hart's vocals are too-much-awesome. They're heavy as f@#$ and they hit you like a ton of concrete blocks. She has the throat-bleeding growls, she has the brutal screams, it's pretty damn metal. Hell, I don't even mind the parts with clean singing. The band also features Logan Mader (ex: Machine Head) so you know you're in for some good tunes. Be sure to give the album a listen as it's most excellent.

One more thing... I read somewhere that on the Japanese version of the album there is a cover of Machine Head's "Davidian". The crazy thing is I cannot find it on the web anywhere. It's like the song is some top secret, hanger 18, special government project. Maybe someday the cover track will surface.

One Human's Facebook

#2 Municipal Waste - Slime and Punishment

Municipal Waste's latest album brings the thrash and leaves you with a hangover from hell, but in a good way. I saw them live during the summer in Kansas City and they dominated the 2017 Warped Tour. (Hatebreed kicked ass too, it was a good lineup!)

This is a party soundtrack. If you're not ramping motorcycles off your neighboors roof halfway through this record, you're missing out! The "Breath Grease" video is like the 101 of partying and drinking. However, I'd stay far away from the Zima, that crap sucks.

P.S. Brad Ellison, dude, if you're reading this... is that you in this video or your stunt double? WTH!

Municipal Waste's website

#1 Power Trip - Nightmare Logic

Power Trip, they came, they saw, they kicked it's ass! The album "Nightmare Logic" is pure badass metal. Before you even listen to the record you better check your health saving account balance because you're going to need ever penny for highly advanced neck surgeries and spinal re-aligning chiropractor appointments haha. It's that CRUSHING!

The band stuck to a classic rock n' roll formula and delivered. You can hear some 80s sound influences in the music, but what's mind blowing is there is no double bass drums. It's 2017, you'd think by now each metal band would have three drummers all performing the double bass drums all at once. It just goes to show in some cases, less is more.

So that pretty much wraps up 2017 and can't wait to hear what 2018 has to offer. This is just my list, so be sure to take it too seriously LMAO. Keep it metal and piss rust mofos!

Power Trip's Bandcamp